About The Company

Endomedix Incorporated was founded July 2005. The Company’s core focus is in hydrogel technology in the growing medical device market. In particular, the Company is focused on the tissue sealant, hemostat and biomedical adhesive market projected at $4 Billion per year worldwide.

At the core of their technology is a biocompatible, biodegradable, environmentally-responsive hydrogel with a number of biomedical applications. Endomedix Hydrogel Technology is one of the first and only all-natural, non-synthetic, non-blood derived technologies that covers applications in:

The Company was capitalized in August 2006 through a private placement organized by the founders. Since that time, the company has received State and Federal Grants over $1 M. In June 2008, the Company signed an agreement with Nascent Technologies to raise a second round of financing and develop strategic partnerships.

Research and Development are performed at the Long Island High Technology Incubator ( on the Stony Brook Campus. In addition, large animal preclinical studies are ongoing at SUNY Stony Brook, University of Pennsylvania, and the Barrow Neurological Institute.

In May 2008, Endomedix licensed its technology to DiscoMedix Incorporated (, a spine company focused on needle-based therapy for discogenic low back pain. Endomedix has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with DiscoMedix for an equity position.